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Phone Scam Alert!!

Please be advised of a phone scam involving utility customers receiving phone calls warning of immediate disconnection without payment over the phone. If you ever receive a phone call which you believe to be in error, please hang up and call Lower Valley Energy to verify the issue.


Residential Conservation Programs

Residential Conservation Opportunities (Effective 6-1-15)

Lower Valley – Higher Comfort Programs 

In an effort to help you use energy wisely, Lower Valley Energy is currently offering a variety of innovative conservation programs. Through these programs, our goal is to help you save money and improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

Energy Audits

Would you like to know if there are improvements that you can make for a more energy-efficient home? An Energy Audit consists of measuring the energy efficiency in your home and recommending cost-saving enhancements for more effective use of energy. The cost of an energy audit is $100 (for homes up to 3,000 sq. ft., and $200 for larger homes), however, this amount will be refunded if you choose to implement any of the recommended changes OR if Lower Valley Energy finds that no improvements are needed. Call to schedule your audit now with one of our energy specialists and let us help you save money and increase your comfort.

Home Weatherization Incentives – Incentives Expire 09-30-2015

In addition to a thorough Energy Audit conducted by Lower Valley Energy, we are offering generous financial incentives on home weatherization improvements if your primary heat source is electricity (insulation upgrades, window replacement & digital thermostats). Energy Audits help you identify energy saving opportunities and our Home Weatherization Incentives will help you pay for them! We must inspect before work begins in order to qualify.

 Residential LED Lighting Rebate Program – NEW!

Lower Valley is offering rebates on new Energy Star® rated LED lights for your home.

Over the Counter Rebate: $3.00 per bulb, $7.00 per LED down light retrofit kit

Direct Install Rebate (Requires Inspection): $5.00 per bulb, $7.00 per LED down light retrofit kit

Must have original receipt and Energy Star® documentation to qualify.

Energy Star® Appliance Rebate Program – Incentives Expire 09-30-2015

Are you planning to replace that old washing machine or freezer? Choose a qualifying Energy Star® appliance and we will give you a rebate! Simply bring your Energy Star® appliance receipt and owner’s manual to our office for the following rebates:

Energy Star® Clothes Washer (DHW must be electric)

MEF 2.46 or higher $50.00

MEF 2.20-2.45 $35.00

MEF 2.00-2.19 $25.00

Energy Star® Clothes Washer (DHW any other fuel) $15.00

Energy Star® Freezer $15.00

Recycled Refrigerator (must be in working condition) $75.00

Water Heaters – Incentives Expire 09-30-2015

Water Heaters 25-54.99 gallon (0.94 MEF) $15.00

Water Heaters 55-74.99 gallon (0.93 MEF) $15.00

Water Heaters 75-99.99 gallon (0.92 MEF) $15.00

Water Heaters 100-119.99 gallon (0.85 MEF) $15.00

Must present receipt for rebate.

REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER RECYCLING – Incentives Expire 09-30-2015

We will pay you to dispose of your old refrigerator or freezer. Just take your old refrigerator or freezer to your local refuse facility for proper disposal, provide us with a copy of a receipt from the refuse facility and we will pay you $75. It’s that easy. (We must have a copy of the disposal receipt.) One per customer. Recycled appliance MUST be in working condition.

Energy Star® Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes must be electrically-heated, new and designed, constructed and certified by the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured (NEEM) Homes program as ENERGY STAR, including Eco-Rated Homes. $1,000.00 rebate

HIGH PERFORMANCE Manufactured Homes – NEW!

Manufactured homes must be electrically-heated; new; and designed, constructed and certified by NEEM as HIGH PERFORMANCE Manufactured Homes. $3,150.00 rebate

Commercial, Industrial, Municipal & Agricultural Lighting Offer

After completing a commercial lighting audit, Lower Valley Energy can determine energy savings and incentive dollars to help you convert to new energy-efficient lights.

Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, & Agricultural Energy Conservation Incentives

There are financial incentives available through Lover Valley Energy to help with the cost of efficiency upgrades to you buildings, electrical systems, and equipment. If we can prove annual kWh savings by upgrading to energy efficient systems or equipment LVE can provide financial incentives.

Many Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Agricultural efficiency opportunities are complex, involve site-specific installations or interaction between energy consuming systems in a building. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, HVAC, shell measures, existing building commissioning, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and high performance new building design.

Please contact Lower Valley Energy for specific details on custom commercial, industrial, municipal, and agricultural projects.


Lower Valley Energy has teamed up with Rinnai to give you an exceptional deal that will keep you warm in the winter. We offer Rinnai space heaters at a special discounted price (from $1,420 to $2,120) that includes full installation. We stand by our natural gas Rinnai heaters that lead the industry in comfort, safety, and energy-saving features. This offer only good in those areas where we provide natural gas or propane service.

Please call Tony Allen for more information at 307-885-3175 or 307-733-2446.