Teton Village/Airport Outage Update – 11:20am

We currently expect to begin power restoration at 1pm today. The process could take the entire afternoon or longer. We will begin warming up the substation transformer which could take an hour. We will then begin to bring online the core commercial feeders first, then the rest of the affected area. We will then begin switching and rerouting power to neighborhoods around the airport – there may be momentary outages due to this switching. When bringing up so much power, there may be smaller outages and fuses failing – we will be alert and vigilant to these possibilities.

In anticipation of power restoration today, we request your assistance in bringing power back in the most stable way possible. We ask that you restrict your energy use to essential needs for the entire day, which includes reducing your heating and electronic usage. The area of curtailment would be the areas affected this week by the transmission poles failure. As we energize transformers and bring on feeders, the less load we serve, the more stability we can bring to the power restoration.

We would like to again extend our thanks to all the local and regional entities who have without hesitation sent tremendous resources to help us, most especially the 5 neighboring utilities: High Plains Power, Idaho Falls Power, Fall River Rural Electric, Bonneville Power, and Wasatch Electric, along with the crews from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The emergency services team headed by Rich Ochs at the Emergency Operations Center has been truly exceptional. We appreciate the patience, support and understanding of this community we are proud to serve.

We have our call center fully staffed at 733-2446.