Lower Valley Energy has Grant Funding for Commercial Energy Audits

(August 13, 2019) AFTON, WY – Lower Valley Energy (LVE) is pleased to announce funding to cover 75% of the cost of energy audits for Wyoming businesses and agricultural producers, through the Business Energy Audit Program. The program will evaluate cost-effective technologies to reduce energy use for Lower Valley Energy members. Businesses can sign up to participate today.

Funded through a grant from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development in Wyoming, this first-come, first-served program has a limited number of energy audits available through the end of March 2021, or until program funds expire.

“LVE is excited to provide a new resource to commercial members seeking to use energy more sensibly,” Said Amy Walton, LVE Conservation Specialist.

LVE is partnering with EnSave, Inc., an energy efficiency firm specializing in rural business and agriculture, to deliver the energy audits. Members who participate in the audit program will have access to 0% financing through Energy Conservation Works (ECW) as well as grants and loans for energy efficiency equipment from the USDA Rural Development.

According to ECW Executive Director, Phil Cameron, ‘we’re very excited about this program and partnership with LVE. It complements ECW’s Business Loan Program, allowing local businesses access to low-cost audits in order to qualify for our loan program.” ‘This audit program further supports getting those dollars invested in local projects,’ Cameron added.

Three types of energy audits are offered:

  1. Focused Energy Audit: detailed technical analysis of a single energy efficiency project identified by the member.
  2. Demand Management Audit: opportunities to minimize peak loads and electricity demands.
  3. Comprehensive Energy Audit: a high-level analysis of all energy efficiency opportunities.

Interested parties should call Amy at Lower Valley Energy 307-739-6045 or email amyw@lvenergy.com or for more information and to sign up. This program is funded by USDA Rural Development, and operated by LVE and EnSave, Inc. with support from ECW.