Lower Valley Energy Board of Director Linda Schmidt – Craig Thomas Award Winner

(March 2, 2020) Afton, WYOMING – At the end of February, at the Wyoming Rural Electric Association’s (WREA) Annual Meeting in Cheyenne, long-time Lower Valley Energy Board member (former Board Chairwoman), Linda Schmidt, was honored by the WREA. Linda won the prestigious Craig Thomas Cooperative Service Award, “in recognition to an individual who has shown a commitment to the wellbeing of Wyoming’s Rural Electric Cooperatives,” according to WREA. Linda has served on the WREA board of directors for 10 years, representing Lower Valley Energy and served as President through some very challenging times for the association.

Lower Valley Energy is a cooperative utility – owned by those they serve with any margins returned to its members. Lower Valley Energy appreciates the opportunity to be the area’s utility cooperative and to serve its members.