New Board of Director Chairwoman – Nancy Winters

(September 1, 2020) Afton, WY – Following Board of Director Elections at Lower Valley Energy’s Annual Meeting in June, the Board of Directors performed their officer elections at the August Board meeting last week. Lower Valley Energy legal counsel Steve Duerr presided over the process, which resulted in the following new results:

  • Chairwoman – Nancy Winters (District 3 representative)
  • Vice Chairman – Senator Dan Dockstader (District 1 representative)
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Ted Ladd (District 4 representative)

Nancy Winters is the 17th Board Chairperson and the second Chairwoman. Nancy Winters has served on the Board for over 11 years and represents Lower Valley Energy on the Idaho Consumer-Owned Utilities Association. Chairwoman Winters is joined on the executive committee by Senator Dan Dockstader and Ted Ladd.

“I am excited to serve as Chair and want to continue promoting transparency to our members and building on our legacy of great service at low rates.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve our members.”

Fred Brog, outgoing Board Chairman, spent three years guiding Lower Valley Energy. One of his most notable accomplishments is the 24-mile Hooper Springs Transmission line to add reliability to the system and save customers millions of dollars.

One of the hallmarks of the local energy cooperative is that its Board of Directors are elected by all Lower Valley Energy member/owners. The Board of Directors help shape and guide the electricity and natural gas provider.