Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

(October 7, 2020) Afton, WY –

Lower Valley Energy and Energy Conservation Works would like to remind everyone that Energy Efficiency Day is on October 7th.  Signing up for Lower Valley Energy’s Free Energy Efficiency kit is a fantastic way to celebrate.  By taking part in energy efficiency, you are saving money, cutting pollution, and creating jobs.  Kits are only going to be available through October so sign up today.  So far Lower Valley Energy has given out 2,900 kits with a projected energy savings of 1.4 million kWh.  That is enough savings to run 78 Teton County homes for 1 year!


The FREE kit includes:

  • 14 LED lightbulbs of varying sizes
  • 1 advanced power strip
  • 1 thermostatic valve showerhead
  • 2 sink aerators


All kits are mailed USPS and are not available in the Lower Valley Energy offices.  Go to the link (https://bit.ly/LVEKit) or www.LVEnergy.com to sign up.