Winter Safety Tips

Winter safety tips from your energy cooperative, Lower Valley Energy.


ROOFS – Snow accumulation is very high this year.

– Shoveling snow off roofs includes many hazards.

– Stay clear of any line coming into or above your house.

– Keep metal objects away from energized wires.

– Do not touch any electrical wire.

– Keep piles of snow away from overhead power lines.

– No machinery or snow pile should be within 10ft of overhead power lines

– Consider kids climbing on snow piles and being able to reach lines with objects


METERS (NATURAL GAS USERS) – Please keep your gas meter cleared of snow and ice.

  • Please be careful when clearing your meter and use caution when clearing the areas above and around your meter.
  • Damage to the meter can cause a leak and a potentially dangerous situation.

VENTS – Make sure your vents are always clear of obstructions, especially during a heavy snow winter like this year.

PLOWING – If you hit one of our boxes, please stay clear because of the high voltages inside.

Call Lower Valley Energy with any questions regarding your safety electricity.