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Outages - 800-882-5875     307-733-2446     307-885-3175
Locates - One-Call Wyoming 800-849-2476     Idaho Dig Line 800-342-1585

Phone Scam Alert!!

Please be advised of a phone scam involving utility customers receiving phone calls warning of immediate disconnection without payment over the phone. If you ever receive a phone call which you believe to be in error, please hang up and call Lower Valley Energy to verify the issue.


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By supporting Green Power, you can support Lower Valley Energy’s commitment to our environment. Learn more about green power, including costs, partnerships, how Green Power is sourced and more about the Lower Valley Energy’s commitment to sustainable energy programs.

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I want to be part of Lower Valley Energy’s renewable energy initiative! I understand that by supporting Green Power, I support Lower Valley Energy’s commitment to our environment. I agree to pay the additional premium as an investment in our future. If I change my mind, I understand that I simply contact Lower Valley Energy to cancel my participation any time.

100% Green power is a special rate of 6.4 cents/kWh (versus 5.2 cents/kWh for normal residential electricity).