Conservation Programs – Residential

Residential Conservation Programs

Energy Audits

Lower Valley Energy (LVE) helps provide members with a residential energy audit.  LVE will schedule an Energy Expert to do a walkthrough of your home to help identify any possible energy inefficiencies and answer any questions the member may have.  There are fees for the Energy Audit, however the fee is refundable if the member completes any of the recommended weatherization projects that will be included in the audit report.  If no projects are recommended, then the audit fee is waived.  Blower door testing and thermal imaging are available for a larger non-refundable fee.  Small incentives and loans could be available depending on the projects that are identified in the report.  Please see below for the possible incentives.  Contact LVE’s Conservation Department with any questions or click here to request an energy audit.


Weatherization Incentives

Window Replacement Rebate – Requires an Energy Audit

Members with old single paned in any frame type windows or double paned with metal frame type windows may qualify for rebates to upgrade their windows.  The rebate is for single-family, multi-family (5 +Units), and manufactured homes with primary installed electric heat.  An Energy Audit is required prior to starting any work. LVE will co-fund replacement windows with a .30 U-Factor or less.  Patio doors must have a U-Factor of 0.35 or less to qualify. Current rebate amounts are available on LVE’s Weatherization Rebate Chart.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department to get started

Lower Valley Energy’s Window Rebate Application

Residential Insulation Rebate – Requires an Energy Audit

Rebates to add additional insulation to existing single-family, multi-family, or manufactured homes are available to member with primary installed electric heat.  Rebates vary according to members specific pre-existing conditions and the final R-Values once the work is complete.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department prior to any work starting.  Current rebate amounts are listed on LVE’s Weatherization Rebate Chart.

Lower Valley Energy’s Insulation Rebate Application

Exterior Insulated Doors Rebate – Requires an Energy Audit

A rebate of $30.00 is available for each substandard exterior door for single family and manufactured homes.  Substandard doors are identified in the Energy Audit report.  The new door must be pre-hung ENERGY STAR qualified door and must include replacement of the threshold too.

Lower Valley Energy’s Exterior Insulated Door Application

LVE reserves the right to change or discontinue these incentives/rebates without notice due to funding.


Residential Rebates


Line Voltage Digital Thermostats – LVE has a rebate for the replacement of old bi-metal thermostats with new digital ones for home with primary installed electric zonal heat.  Digitally programmable thermostats also qualify but must be approved by LVE.  The rebate is $15.00 per thermostat.

Lower Valley Energy’s Line Voltage Thermostat Rebate Form

Smart Thermostats (Low Voltage) – LVE also offers a rebate on low voltage Smart Thermostats as well.  Only homes heated with an electric forced air furnace or ground source/air source heat pump qualify for this rebate.  The thermostat must be on the BPA Qualified Product List.  The rebate is $80.00 or $100.00 if the member can prove the installation of the new thermostat to LVE. Limit is 2 per household.

Lower Valley Energy’s Smart Thermostat Rebate Form

NEW! Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH)

LVE is now offering rebates for Heat Pump Water Heaters (also referred to as Hybrid Water Heaters) for single family and manufactured homes with current electric hot water heaters.  HPWH can save up to 60% of your water heating costs.  Only certain HPWH qualify.  For more information or to see if a certain HPWH qualifies, please call LVE’s Conservation Department.

Lower Valley Energy’s HPWH Form


Heat Pumps

Rebates are also available for certain types of energy efficient heat pumps.

All Heat Pump Rebates require preapproval.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department before starting any projects.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) Rebate– LVE will pay out a rebate for the installation of ground source heat pumps on new construction and existing single-family homes with permanently installed electric heat.  There are several requirements in order to qualify for the rebate.  GSHPs must be ENERGY STAR qualified and installed according to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) specifications by a technician certified in Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) and IGSHPA. This rebate requires pre-approval and only one rebate is available per home.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department for further details.

Lower Valley Energy’s GSHP Form

Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) Rebate –A rebate is available for ductless heat pump retrofits.  The ductless heat pump must be installed in a single-family or manufactured home with permanently installed electric zonal heat or electric forced air heat.  The ductless heat pump must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications, by the Northwest DHP Project Best Practices Guide, and by a contractor who attended a Northwest Ductless Orientation.  Only one heat pump rebate per home.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department for further details.

Lower Valley Energy’s DHP Rebate Form

NEW! Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)Rebate – A rebate for air source heat pump projects is now available for new single-family construction, existing single-family homes or existing manufactured homes serviced by LVE. New heat pumps must have a Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) of 9.0 or higher, and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 14.0 or higher. Heat pump installation must adhere to the latest version of the BPA/PTCS Air Source installation standards and may be performed by a PTCS certified technician for a higher incentive. Only one heat pump per home qualifies, unless the home has more than 4,500 sq. ft. of heated floor space. If there is more square footage, then the home may qualify for two rebates.

Lower Valley Energy’s ASHP PTCS Rebate Form

Lower Valley Energy’s ASHP Non-PTCS Rebate Form

All residential incentives/rebates require proper forms to be completed and signed as well as invoices and documentation.  LVE reserves the right to change or discontinue these incentives/rebates without notice due to funding.



Financing is available for Residential and Commercial members through Energy Conservation Works (ECW).  These funds are specifically for energy efficiency projects and paid back on members LVE bills.  Please contact LVE or ECW directly for more information on financing.

Energy Conservation Works

PO Box 1727

Jackson, WY 83001

(307) 264-2355



Please contact Lower Valley Energy’s Conservation Department

Lower Valley Energy – attn. Conservation – PO Box 572, Jackson, WY 83001