Net Metering/Solar

Net Metering

Lower Valley Energy does allow Net Metering for onsite renewable generation such as Solar for systems sized 25 KW or smaller.  Larger systems would require special board approval.  Please see LVE’s “Net Metering Information & Specifications”.  Our metering supervisor will need to approve the one-line diagram prior to installation.  LVE requires the “Net Metering Agreement” as well.  An Island Test will be performed prior to any changes to be made in billing.  Once signed off on by LVE, the bill and billing cycle will be switched to a net metering account.  Lower Valley Energy recommends you work with a certified solar installer.  Please contact LVE with any questions or concerns.

Jackson Office Solar

If you’ve driven by our Jackson office you may have seen the solar panels on our building. We have installed a 2.6KW solar photovoltaic system on our south-facing roof.  Stop by the office and we can show you how it’s working.



Bondurant Solar & Wind

We are also producing power through solar and wind at our Bondurant project.