Schedule An Energy Audit

Lower Valley Energy (LVE) helps provide members with a variety of residential energy audits. LVE will help schedule an Energy Expert to do a walkthrough of your home in an effort to identify any possible energy inefficiencies and answer any questions. LVE will pay $100.00 towards the cost of the audit. The audit generally costs members anywhere from $165.00-$425.00, depending on the type of audit and the home size.  The member will receive an assessment and a report.

Blower door testing and thermal imaging are available for a larger fee.  Small incentives and loans could be available depending on the energy improvement projects.  If any incentives or rebates are available, they will be identified in the audit report. There is potential to earn back the energy audit fee with verified energy savings once a weatherization project is complete.

Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department 307-739-6045 with any questions or to schedule an audit or use form below.

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