EV Experience

Ever wondered what it is like to drive an electric vehicle?

Lower Valley Energy is not in the car business, but we are in the business of providing education and awareness to our members about the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry, which has significant impacts on electric utilities. That is why LVE has teamed up with Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, Energy Conservation Works, and Teton Conservation District to offer our members an opportunity to drive an EV.

Whether you are considering an EV purchase, are interested in finding out why EV’s are predicted to be the car of the future, or are curious about how just plain fun an EV is to drive, you are invited to take advantage of our “EV Experience.” Borrow our all-electric Chevy Bolt for a few days. LVE wants to know what you think!

Here is a list of the program requirements:

  • Must be a member of Lower Valley Energy.
  • Members must be over 25 years old with a current, valid driver’s license.  A copy will be required for LVE records upon scheduling.
  • Members must possess current, valid auto insurance.  A copy is also required for LVE records.
  • Attached Agreement must be signed, and all Terms and Conditions must be met.
  • Pick up anytime during business hours on your scheduled day (3-day slot)
  • Drop off any time before noon on your scheduled day (3-day slot)
  • No others shall operate the EV besides those approved by LVE.
  • EV will be returned in the same condition as received, including charge level (3-day slot).  We encourage all members to charge the vehicle while not using it to keep adequate charge levels up.
  • Completed pre and post survey of your experience.

3-Day EV Experience

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