Conservation Programs – Commercial

Commercial Conservation Programs


NEW! Energy Audits

Lower Valley Energy’s Small Business Energy Audit Program provides discounted energy audits to help your business prioritize energy efficiency projects and access funding for equipment upgrades. LVE provides a third-party evaluation of energy efficiency and demand reduction measures including simple payback estimates.  Choose the audit best suited for your business.

  1. Focused Audit – recommended for one or two specific projects.
  2. Demand Management Audit – focuses on opportunities to reduce peak demand
  3. Comprehensive Audit – inventory and analyze all stationary equipment.

This program will cover 75% of the cost of your energy audit for approved small business via a grant from the USDA.  It can also be used to unlock funding opportunities such as Energy Conservation Works (ECW) 0% loans, possible LVE incentives, Rural Energy for America (REAP) grants up to 25%, and REAP loan guarantees up to 75%

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Lower Valley Energy’s Small Business Energy Audit Info Sheet & FAQs

Lower Valley Energy’s Small Business Energy Audit Application

Commercial Lighting Rebate Requires pre-approval

LVE is currently offering a program to help business’s convert their lighting to LEDs by rebating a portion of the cost.  The commercial lighting rebate is for non-residential lighting only and applies to retrofitting an existing building. To qualify, lighting projects must be:

  • A commercial business that receives power from LVE and has an active service account
  • Cost-effective and result in a minimum energy usage reduction of 25%

LVE’s rebate is based on the kWh savings and paid directly to the member.  These projects require pre-approval, so please notify LVE directly before any retrofit is started to verify funding and project requirements.

Lower Valley Energy’s Commercial Lighting Application


Weatherization Incentives

NEW! Commercial Window Replacement Rebate – Requires pre-approval along with a pre-inspection

Commercial members with old single paned in any frame type windows or double paned with metal frame type windows may qualify for rebates to upgrade these window types.  The rebate is for commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings with primary installed electric heat.  The building may NOT exceed 20,000 sq. ft to qualify.  An inspection is required prior to starting any work. LVE will co-fund replacement windows with a .30 U-Factor or less. Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department for current rebate amounts and to get started

Lower Valley Energy’s Commercial Window Rebate Application

Commercial Window Project Information Form

NEW! Commercial Insulation Rebate – Requires pre-approval along with a pre-inspection

Rebates to add additional insulation to attic/roof or walls are to commercial buildings with primary installed electric heat.  Rebates vary according to members specific pre-existing conditions and the final R-Values once the work is complete.  Please contact LVE’s Conservation Department prior to any work starting.  Current rebate amounts vary according to pre-existing conditions.

Lower Valley Energy’s Commercial Insulation Rebate Application

Commercial Insulation Project Information Form

NEW! Commercial HVAC Rebates Requires pre-approval

Rebates Available for


All Commercial HVAC Rebates must meet LVE’s pre and post conditions in order to qualify.  Only certain products qualify so please contact Lower Valley Energy’s Conservation Department before starting any project for pre-approval.


All commercial incentives/rebates require proper forms to be completed and signed as well as invoices and documentation.  LVE reserves the right to change or discontinue these incentives/rebates without notice due to funding.


Financing is available for Commercial members in Teton County through Energy Conservation Works (ECW).  These funds are specifically for energy efficiency projects and paid back on members LVE bills.  Please contact LVE or ECW directly for more information on financing.

Energy Conservation Works

PO Box 1727

Jackson, WY 83001

(307) 264-2355



Please contact Lower Valley Energy’s Conservation Department

Lower Valley Energy – attn. Conservation – PO Box 572, Jackson, WY 83001