Learn About Green Power

What is Green Power?

Green Power is energy produced by renewable sources, like wind and sun, that are replenished naturally. Renewable energy is a clean source of energy that has a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

Why is Green Power important?

By choosing Green Power, you can support development of renewable energy sources, which can reduce the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Greater reliance on renewable sources also provides economic benefits and can improve our national energy security.

Where does Green Power come from?

Lower Valley Energy obtains most of its green power from the Horse Butte Wind farm, just south of Idaho Falls, Idaho. In addition, Lower Valley Energy also produces green power from its two low-impact hydro facilities at Strawberry and Swift Creek projects (located in Bedford, WY and Afton, WY respectively). Energy produced from these projects is certified as Environmentally Preferred Power, a rating endorsed by national and northwestern region environmental organizations.

How will this affect my electric bill?

Green Power is paid for by an extra monthly premium, which shows up on your bill in addition to regular monthly charges. As a residential customer you can purchase blocks of 300 kilowatt hours (kWhs) for $3.50 extra per month. As a commercial customer you can choose between 1,500 kWhs/$17.50 per month blocks (Partner Level) or 3,000 kWhs/$35.00 per month blocks (Champion Level).

100% Green Power is a special rate of 6.8 cents/kWh (versus 5.6 cents/kWh for normal residential electricity).

Why does Green Power cost more?

Green Power, or renewable energy, is a relatively new concept. Companies have just recently begun to create power from these sources of energy. As a modern technology, these types of facilities are more expensive to construct and operate. As technology increases and usage increases, it is likely that overall costs will decrease.

How do I know I’m Getting Green Power?

Power generators put power into the energy pool and power grid as energy customers take it out. Wind-generated Green Power enters the power pool that is already being fed by other power resources like natural gas, oil and coal. By supporting Green Power you are investing in the further development of a clean power resource.

How does Green Power benefit our local communities?

Choosing renewable power reduces the impact on our water sources, the air we breathe, wildlife, and the land around us. Also, the more customers participating in Green Power will help ensure that our communities will benefit from renewable energy sources long into the future.

What effects could wind turbines have on migratory birds?

The technology associated with modern wind turbines has improved greatly, significantly reducing bird mortality at wind plants. Today’s wind facilities are specifically located in areas where there is not an updraft. Tubular towers of modern wind turbines ensure that birds are unable to perch on the towers. Smaller turbines that may still have lattice towers have diagonal supports to discourage perching.

How can I sign up for green power?

Thank you for your interest! Visit our signup page to get started.