Teton Village/Airport Outage Update 11:50am

Current restoration estimate has been moved to late Saturday, barring any unforeseen weather or equipment related issue.

We currently have 11 wooden poles in the ground. We will replace the 17 steel transmission poles with approximately 28 wooden poles. The wooden poles are temporary and we will spend the rest of the winter and spring evaluating how best to replace the transmission system in the summer. We will also remain vigilant and maintain those poles regularly tell the temporary structures are fully replaced.

Weather is continuing to add some complexity to the restoration of power along with the limited work space at the Teton Village site. Our truck deliveries have managed to get through the road closures as we’ve now received emergency equipment and hardware from Arkansas, Denver, Boise and Salt Lake City.

We would like to again extend our thanks to all the local and regional entities who have without hesitation sent tremendous resources to help us, most especially the 5 neighboring utilities: High Plains Power, Idaho Falls Power, Fall River Rural Electric, Bonneville Power, and Wasatch Electric, along with the crews from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We truly appreciate the patience, support and understanding of this community we are proud to serve.